Was Derwent’s Bollywood night cultural appropriation or just harmless fun?

‘Some of the costumes were offensive’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock ( or in Hes East) you are probably aware Derwent  hosted a controversial Bollywood themed D event the other week. Think sequins, asbestos and a shit load of alcohol. It has been strongly criticised for cultural appropriation, so I went around and asked a few Derwenters what they really thought of the night.

Jens, Politics and International Relations

I think people can get offended about everything easily. Some of the things people wore were offensive but it’s a problem to worry too much about what people think.

Grace, Theatre, Writing and Performance

I thought it was great! they played good music and it was just a bit of fun. I enjoyed the night.

Jo, Maths and Philosophy

It was fucking amazing.

Simon, PPE

Derwent College did the best it could.

Sev, Sociology

Originally I thought it was a bad idea but someone said it was Bollywood themed not Indian themed which made me think it was OK. Some of the costumes were too much though.

Tuva, Political and Social Sciences

They should have known what would happen, it was a stupid event. We can have a party without a theme that inspires cultural appropriation.

Dakota, English and Politics

I think it’s the fault of the organisers for not choosing a more appropriate theme, obviously things are naturally going to get exploited especially if people are ignorant about the culture.