We asked drunk people to tell us the most impressive thing they’ve ever done

Does giving your whole college chlamydia count?

We have very different opinions of what’s impressive after a couple of treble vodkas (or seven)…

Scott, Management, second year

“I hugged Florence Welch.”

Amie, Environmental Geography, third year

“I arranged transport to South Africa one day before work experience, it cost £300.”

Brad, History, fourth year

“Being the first person to take part in a new degree at UoY.”

Mandy, Psychology, third year

“I got with my lecturer in Willow.”

Lydia, Law, third year

“I gave chlamydia to the whole college.”

Christian, Social Political Sciences, third year

“I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.”

Jack, Accounting and Finance, first year

“I jumped off a cliff once, all the people watching were like ‘what the fuck?’.”

Andres, Accounting, Business and Finance, first year

“I got a marksmanship badge in the army cadets.”

George, Chemistry, third year

“I chundered all over myself sleeping, not once but twice, and the second time I just slept through it.”

Tom, History, second year

“I can’t think of anything funny enough right now.”

George, Maths, second year

“I once got 360 upvotes on Yik Yak.”