What do York students think about International Men’s Day?

‘The uni didn’t put the right issues in the foreground’

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UoY’s decision to backtrack on their intention to mark International Men’s Day has caused a lot of controversy.

Differing opinions have been all over social media since the university first announced they were planning on marking the day – and debates are still flying now it’s over.

We went out on the day itself to ask students whether they thought International Men’s Day should have been celebrated.

Carly, English, second year

“I want there to be an International Men’s Day because raising awareness of issues specific to men is important, but the university didn’t put the right issues in the foreground.”

Charlotte, Psychology, second year

“I don’t know much about it, but the main thing I do know is that one aspect of it is raising awareness of mental health and high suicide rates in men. Maybe it could be re-labelled to prevent people from getting the wrong impression from the name.”

Sammy, Economics, second year

“I think International Men’s Day should be celebrated because there are very real inequalities that affect men, such as the higher suicide rate amongst men and the higher incarceration rates. However, I do think it’s important that it doesn’t become an anti-feminism day – as I think a lot of males would like it to become.”

Lizzie, Psychology in Education, second year

“Promoting men’s mental health and suicide awareness is not a bad thing, but I’m not that well informed on the other aspects of it.”

Alex, Sociology and Education, third year

“There are many issues which are important for men, however the argument over the holding of events and misinformation over this has drawn away from these. Organisations such as Movember have been trying to draw attention to issues such as poor mental health in men and men’s health issues and it is through education and open discussion of these things that progress will be made.”

James, PPE, third year

“I think that International Men’s Day should have been celebrated because there isn’t just one dimension of equality. Men suffer greater stigma for a variety of things – including being open about mental health concerns and being the victim of crime. Equality is about equal social, political and economic opportunity and empowering men doesn’t detract from empowering women.”

Jack, Music Technology and Applied Electronics, third year

“International Men’s day has a lot of potential. It could give a much-needed platform for recognition for the likes of gay men and trans men.”

Rory, History, third year

“I don’t see the harm in International Men’s Day as it doesn’t detract from female liberation, but it helps tackle issues that men can face in society.”