Campus style: Library at midnight edition

Damn York, you even look good pulling an all-nighter

We headed to the library at midnight in the hope of catching you out.

You may have an exam in 8 hours and 22 minutes but you still have time to be stylish on your breaks to the Costa machine.

Maybe the risk of bumping into the library boyfriend/girlfriend is just too much at midnight, and you have to look your best.

Aashna Sehgal, second year, Law

How does her hair look so good after 6 hours of studying?!

 Angus Ryan, second year, Philosophy

The power of a good turn-up ankle.

 Benjamin Ryder, second year, Politics and International Relations

It is a scientific fact* that wearing words on your clothes will speed up your assignment writing. * Not at all factual or scientific.

Lydia Johnson, second year, History of Art

Undeniably chic for the early hours.

Marina Keeley, second year, Accounting, Business Finance, and Management

Layer up kids, it gets nippy in the wee hours.

Mark Petchey, third year, Chemistry


Sue Huynh, first year, History

Keeping it comfy and stylish at 1am

Tamaki Laycock, second year, Politics and International Relations

Double denim wins again.

Tom Killeen, first year, History

Freshers work at this time too.

 William Edwards, second year, Philosophy

Could this be YikYak’s famous “Library Aztec Vest Guy”?

We’re impressed with York’s impeccable 1am library style. It perhaps even beats some of the daytime fashions.

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