BNOC 2015: Group Three

More democratic than the General Election

It’s the last group, and your vote will take one of these heroes into the BNOC final.

Sophie Church

Her nominees said: “If you’re in Derwent you probably know her/ feel sorry for her/ heard one of her shit jokes. Her stomping ground is Vodka Revolution where she can normally be found getting with some below average fresher.  Some say she’s only a big name because she’s friends with people in the right places… you might remember her from Derwent’s Vice Welfare’s anti-alcohol campaign”.

Robert Gordon (Norb)

Nominated for his drunken shenanigans on a bicycle which resulted in that legendary letter. He’s also known for inviting his whole seminar group to his flat at the end of term, bought them alcohol, went out to Kuda till 4 am and then sent the the notes from the following morning’s lecture. He’s also shaved an eyebrow for Derwent block challenges and has streaked through Vanbrugh.

Sasha Arnott

Ever since Sasha came to York, she had a dream. A dream to become York Sport Fundraiser and Events rep for the 2014/15 academic year. Last June, that dream came true.

Whether she’s sprinting to English seminars, jostling for position in the library café queue or promoting tirelessly for Bangers and Mash, one word sums up this girl perfectly: Vivacious.  She also hosted a Spotify-sponsored party at her house last term. Didn’t get the invite? You missed out dude…

Tom Ballaster

He’s known as UYRUFC’s most valued possession. If you’ve ever looked at Salvation photos from a Wednesday night you might start to gain some understanding of quite how much of a big deal this guy is. Multiple pictures, multiple likes, multiple women.

The nickname “Balrog” has stuck throughout his third year as it’s become very clear he has a fiery beast raging inside him, both in his pre-Roses captaining of the 3rd XV, but also from his boisterous and playful antics off the field. A workhorse both on and off the pitch, no BNOC line up would be complete without the inclusion of “Balé.”