Which course has it the easiest this term?

Clue: it’s a BA

Everyone thinks they have a hard time of it in third term.

But which course is taking a back seat while the rest of us are staring down a shedload of textbooks?

We asked you to rate your course on the very scientific “Stress Richter-Scale”, and while some responses will turn you an ugly shade of green, others were quite frankly, heart-breaking.

I miss willow 🙁


Telling his tale of woe, Joe MacKenzie is just one of the many Historians being stretched to the limits of human endurance this term.

“Everything’s weighted towards this term, more than any other subject I know, so I’d say we probably have it the worst.

“Mess this term up and the whole year is ruined.”

What will become of me?!

In a nutshell, History in third-term is a matter of life and death.

But as if the mounting pressure wasn’t quite enough to make you run for the nearest exit, York’s History department also decided to throw in a gruelling 48hr exam to round off the year.

With two 2,000 word essays to write in that time, Joe tells us: “It’s really stressful.

“The problem is you can’t relax properly for two whole days… then again I did end up in Willow when I did it last year, so maybe I found a way to make it work”.

Once again, the lesson to be learned here is Willow will have your back when no one else will.

Isn’t uni supposed to be all fun and no work?!


Biology third-year Kevin Holmes says that he’d compare this term with “running a marathon every single day of the calendar year while surviving on a no carbohydrate, no protein diet.

“As well as carrying out possibly world changing scientific research projects. We unfairly have to then write a whole dissertation on top of all that.”

The struggle is real

If you need to feel better about your life in the next few weeks, Kevin can be found in the Harry Fairhurst building, twenty-four hours a day.


Also in the running for most soul-crushing course, Economics boasts a generous EIGHT exams for its students this summer.

Second year Paul Blower said: “I’m in the library day after day, for twelve hours at a time just to keep up with the mountainous workload.”

When did life get so dull?

The exhausted economist continued: “If you’re at the Costa machine at 7pm all you’ll see is despondent economic students.”

Oh and in case second-year doesn’t break them, next year they can look forward to all of their credits riding on a twelve-day string of exams.

Blissfully unaware of these ongoing struggles however, are the few smug little punters who get to kick back with Netflix while we all sit in an eerie exam room.

Art History

Meet Art History second year Sophie Reeve, she has no exams this term and may potentially get egged as a result (probably still worth it though).

Sorry you’re having a shit time… but at least I’m happy

The stress-free second year said: “This term is all coursework-based for us, so we just have to submit four essays by the end of week five.

“Some people did all their essays in Easter, so to be honest I have no idea what they’re doing now… probably just laughing at everyone else.”

Words of comfort to those who have long since forgotten what life is like outside of the J.B. Morell.

He almost made it

But for those of you struggling to stay optimistic this term, it’s important to remember, the worse you do this year, the more reason you’ll have to get drunk at the end of it.