An ode to Kuda

It’s bloody fantastic

| UPDATED noad

You’d think by second year I’d have exhausted the few clubs we have in York. But no. I remain the die-hard Kuda fan I’ve been since day one.

I’m there. Every Tuesday. Every single Tuesday. And here’s why.

There’s a choice of three rooms

A choice of music genre is important in a club – and this is possibly the main reason why Kuda excels.

The main room, for classic club music. Mambo lounge, for a bit of funk/soul (and a nice sit down). And who could forget Tiki bar, for those more in touch with their edgy side (and those who don’t like stairs).

There are five bars

Five. Five! Kuda is a relatively big club, admittedly (compared to Willow and Fibbers, anyway), but having five bars is undoubtedly a bonus. If it’s busy, you just hop from one to the other until you get served – no more waiting for 20 minutes to immediately regret a shot of Sambuca.

You can wear whatever you want


You can’t wear your J’s to Revs.

It’s clean(er)

I’m sure none of us could think of a club whose premises are constantly pristine – but Kuda is pretty close.

Apart from the odd puddle of smashed glass and blue VK (which you get in any club), I don’t feel like I’m ruining my trainers irreparably when I set foot inside – which is more than can be said for elsewhere, where if the music was muted I’m pretty sure I’d hear the sticky noise every time I took a step.

There are lots of places to put stuff down

This is one of those things that you only notice once someone’s told you – so here I go.

As mundane as it sounds, Kuda has a lot of surfaces to put stuff. Tables, chairs, shelves, speakers, a minibus – you’re hardly ever stuck for somewhere to put your vodka lemonade while you search frantically in your bag to scrape together £2 for a shot.

The stamps are cute 

Willow stamps are tacky and stain your wrist for days of regret. Kuda just keeps it simple, playing on the edgy, hipster diamond tattoo vibe.

People always talk to each other in the smoking area

Pretty much every time I’ve been to Kuda I’ve made a friend in the smoking area.

It’s so small/cold/literally on the street that you feel an instant bond with anyone else brave enough to stand out there in the brisk Northern wind. Excellent.

The bouncers

…Well, the bouncers are just like any other York bouncers, really. I just mean, one of them can shuffle, and he’s actually quite good.

And finally, it’s always busy

You all made it through the hangover that was Sunday Revs, made it to at least one of your Monday lectures and are evidently rewarding yourself with a night out on Tuesday. Bravo.

The club scene in York may not be a big as Leeds or Newcastle, but for a small city Kuda is the place to be.