York in top 25 for student experience

Take that, other unis


York is the 22nd best uni in the country for student experience, according to a Times Higher Education survey. 

We’ve jumped up fifteen places from 37th last year.

The list included 113 universities with Bath displacing Sheffield at top of the list. Very last came the university of East London.

The top ten were:

1. Bath
2. Loughborough
3. Sheffield
4. Cambridge
5. Oxford
6. Surrey
7. UEA
8. Exeter
9. Leeds
10. Newcastle.

Local “rivals” York St. John came 58th, however Lancaster have something else to rub in our faces during Roses after coming 15th.


Impressively we managed to finish above prestigious institutions such as UCL and Imperial, as well as socially booming universities such as Manchester.

Home to aggressive Geese, the infamous Willow, a beautiful medieval city, and a grey concrete campus standing as a relic of the poor architectural tastes of the 1960s – what’s there not to be proud of?