York dubbed ‘safest town in the world’ by tourists

They’ve obviously never seen the interior of Willow

York has been named as the safest short-break city in the world by tourists – with Cairo coming in at the other end of the scale as the most dangerous city for a quick getaway.

A survey of 2,075 adult Britons revealed that 72 per cent of them felt that York was safe, with only one per cent considering it risky. The other 26% per cent had no view.

Albeit York is a rather friendly and quaint city (at least during the day), the survey does not bear in mind the hazard posed by the river to students and locals alike.

Of course York isn’t exactly Yorkshire’s version of Compton, but some students may disagree on the safeness of the city given the occurrence of burglaries on student properties.

Compared to the likes of larger cities like Manchester however, which was only considered safe by 53 per cent (5 per cent less than London), York is seen as considerably safer.

The least safe UK city to make it onto the list was Belfast, with only 37 per cent seeing the Northern Irish city as safe, and 19 per cent regarding the city as “risky”.

Even our ugly concrete campus can sometimes be pretty.

Edinburgh ranked as the third safest for tourists, an impressive feat for being a much larger city in proportion to York.

York is a beautiful and placid city which proudly secures itself as the safest in the world for tourists.

But, many of those interviewed have probably never experienced the grim reality of a sweaty Saturday night in Popworld amid the drunken geriatrics of the baby boom generation.

A jolly night out with some ‘cheeky’ trebles.

Compared to other UK cities York is a safe haven, the only trace of crime being the pungent whiff of ganja as you walk down Hull road.