‘I was too good for them’: Vegan male model shunned by uni fashion show

He hopes to be in Burberry this summer

Move over Naomi Campbell, the newest model diva has attitude like you’ve never seen before, and he’s a fresher at York Uni.

John Matthew fancies himself as “one to watch”, and was hoping to make his debut in York at the charity fashion show.

But after a heated fall-out with the fashion society scouts, John was booted off the show and left out in the cold.

bus-ride chic

But this hasn’t stopped John, who still has an attitude that could put Mariah Carey to shame. He said: “I was there being fabulous and she was just sitting there being all bitchy, because I was too good for her.

“She approached me for the job and she said you need to be one of the group of my male models, and obviously I’m a solo artist.”

John wasn’t willing to be a part a sub-standard team.

He added: “I mean they’re just not of a high enough calibre, I just needed better people to be around me.

“Obviously my best friend Alex is good, but he wasn’t invited.

“We work as a duo. We are called the Vintage Fabulosos.”

what do you mean you don’t provide kale and quinoa salad?!?!

But it wasn’t just the models – the fashion show couldn’t accommodate John’s dietary requirements.

“Yeah I mean vegan is a tough lifestyle- if people are gonna be sitting there who aren’t vegan then it really makes you feel isolated.”

Veganz 4 lyf

But despite the bravado, the rejection hit John hard.

“I mean, I kind of didn’t accept them. It was a mutual rejection… but yeah it just really hurt me as a person, as well as a professional obviously.

“Also they weren’t gonna pay me, and if you’re not gonna give me any money then you can forget about it. Even if it’s for charity people still get paid don’t they?

“I mean, I bought an amazing new burberry linen coat the other day, and you can’t afford it if you’re not being paid.

“Even if it’s for the starving African children, you still need your clothes.

“Yes this is a setback – but for them, not me.”

Fuck the haters

John is still pursuing his career and has some advice for those wanting to follow in his footsteps:

“Basically just look good. You have to look as good as us. No one likes ugly people.

“Oh, and don’t ever let anyone touch your face. Your face is the money-maker.”

You sure that’s you John?

The model and his one-man entourage then left to catch up on some campus solo shots, promising that his new look would be out for the “Burberry Summer colezione”.

We certainly hope so- York’s vegan scene needs a fashion hero now more than ever.