Eating in the library is painful and stressful

There’s always the fear you’re being watched


You’re sitting in the J.B. Morrell, head in hands, staring blankly at your laptop screen and hoping something will inspire you to actually do some work.

Suddenly it occurs to you that all you really need to get down to business, is a nice little snack to bring those sugar levels up.

People might see you, so starve

But it’s never that easy. Philosophy student Sorley Richardson said: “I feel weird eating at desks. I get nervous about it”.

In fact, when asked if he’d ever gone hungry because he was too scared about being a disruptive eater, he admitted: “Yes. Every day, most days.”

Food for thought, you might say.

Om nom nom

Have we created an environment where people are so anxious about snacking, they would rather starve at their desks?

The deprived student later confessed that on a regular basis: “My tummy rumbles get so loud I have to leave”.

A clear sign that abstinence from eating can be even noisier than chomping altogether.

I can see youuuu

But Sorley isn’t alone in his “crunch-fear”.

Krista Letcheva revealed that she is often “nervous about eating crisps.”

As did Vice chair of the York Dance Society, Callum Slinger. He said: “I get annoyed by people eating crisps.

“But I’ve been eating them today… I guess that makes me a hypocrite.”

Clearly Callum had been indulging in some typical double-standard snacking, and it is this widespread culture that seems to be causing people like Sorley, to go hungry out of shame.

Are all those bananas for you?

So it perhaps time for library dwellers all around to exercise some tolerance towards their fellow snacker. After all, nothing writes an essay like a Dairy Milk.

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