English lit harder at York than Cambridge

A Cambridge professor said so

A Cambridge Professor has described how essays are marked more harshly at York than at her “own institution”.

In the department’s External Examiners report for 2013 – 2014, Dr. Subha Mukherji described her “worry” about the different targets for each class descriptor.

She said: “The criteria for a 2.2 outline skills that would be appropriate to a 2.1 in my institution, and the criteria for a 3rd would apply to at least a high 2.2.”

Students were understandably a bit pissed off. Sophie Lockett, second year English Literature student said:

“That can’t be serious. I came to York for a degree, not Oxbridge.”

Why York? Why?

And that’s not all. The Cambridge Professor went on to criticise the consistency of marking across the modules.

She said: “the grading criteria can differ between modules. Of the three modules I looked at, one seemed to have been marked at a consistently more generous level than the other two.”

Second year English Literature student Alima Nurmukhamedova said: “This pisses me off. I mean, why are there such irregularities in assessment criteria?”

So for all of you who spent August sobbing you didn’t get into Oxbridge, you can officially shut up. York students are smarter than Cambridge. Fact.

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