Stop sleeping in the library

You have a bed for a reason

Statistics from someone and somewhere show that the number of people sleeping in the library is on the rise. So stop it please.

It’s January. We’ve all returned to uni after Christmas with a sudden realisation of our imminent failure, and we turn to the one place where underperformance seems impossible – the beloved library.

But some seem to have confused the library with their own bed. Whatever time of day you decide to embark on your inevitably fruitless academic journey, there is always the possibility that that one cubicle you want to sit in is already occupied. By somebody sleeping.

Clearly flasks of coffee are no help at all

Yes, it’s winter. It’s cold outside. You’re tired, you live miles away in from campus, and your bed at home is squeaky. Those soft chairs on the sixth floor are painfully inviting. But please don’t.

Not only is it exceedingly distracting to be attempting an essay with the sound of snoring permeating through your headphones, but also it’s inconsiderate.

While some slumber is accidental, you’re taking up desk space and chairs, and during the busy times of day you’re preventing lucid people from cracking on with their work.

Resident contortionist

By all means sit and have a rest – scroll, uninterested, through Facebook, or indulge in some internet shopping – but if you feel yourself dropping off, either pop to the off-licence to invest in some energy drinks, or go home. Just go home.

Your bed is inevitably much more comfortable than the library seats (bean bags aside), and there nobody will be staring in quiet disgust at your dribbling.

Finally, it’s a motivation killer. It is highly likely that the majority of people working in the library would rather be sleeping, and to try and write a report while watching somebody having a wonderful, relaxing nap is difficult and annoying. Why can’t I be asleep right now?

Nobody will take pictures of you and put them on the internet…

Just don’t do it. Do both the other library users and your grades a favour and keep yourself awake.