Vapid Vanbrugh email ‘pointless’ dressing instructions for cold weather

You’re not my mum

Patronising Vanbrugh college sent an email today warning students of the cold weather and advising them to to wrap up warm.

Because nobody already knew that.

Listen up, kids

Despite this caring Microsoft Paint masterpiece arriving in their inbox, students didn’t go rushing to grab their coats and hoist on their thermal underwear.

Instead, they bitched about how ridiculous and lame the college was for treating them like children. Second year Sam labelled the college “a bunch of twats.”

And second year Hayden Killinger said: “It seems completely pointless. I’m twenty years old. I know how to dress in the cold.”

Tab funny man James Hawkes agreed: “If someone has the nouse to get into this university but needs to be reminded to put a jacket on, you’ve really got to question their personality.”

But those missing the comfort of their mothers’ arms disagreed saying the college was “cute, kind and caring.”

As ever, the rest of York took to YikYak to bitch about the college.

Acrostic formats are my fave too xoxo

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