YUSU pulls out of free education demonstration

It’s just not safe enough for them

After the NUS’ withdrawal from the free education demo in London, YUSU have also withdrawn their participation.

Toni Pierce, NUS president, released a statement on Thursday highlighting the reasons for the NUS’s withdrawal from the demonstration.

He said: “The plans that are in place do not give us confidence that the demonstration will be accessible to all students – in particular disabled students.

“We have commissioned and paid for, the best risk assessment possible based on incomplete information that we were given by organisers.

“It is clear that there are inadequate measures in place to mitigate against significant risks in line with our advice posing an unacceptable level of risk.

“We do not believe there is sufficient time between now and the demonstration for these risks to be mitigated.”

"NUS is not in a position to support this demonstration."

“NUS is not in a position to support this demonstration.”

Following the NUS’s decision to withdraw, YUSU Pres, Sam Maguire, has issued a statement announcing YUSU’s exit from the demonstration.

Maguire said: “I have decided that YUSU will no longer be taking part as an organisation.

“NUS’s withdrawal, as well as highlighting some genuine problems, makes securing insurance through our provider impossible.

“Although some of our students feel very strongly about the issues involved, the safety of our students has to always come first.”

YUSU had organised for transport to the demo and charged £10.75 for every student to attend.

YUSU Pres has said: “The money earmarked for subsidising transport to the demo will be re-invested in our student hardship fund.

“All students who have booked transport on the coach will be reimbursed in full.”

The NUS has said that they have “a policy to support free education, and we will continue to lobby and campaign for this, but no action that we take should be put above the ability for all our members to be safe.”

YUSU won't be there

YUSU won’t be there