Best dressed: Library

Look at all these stylish study-ers

The library is usually full of people hyper on coffee and working.

Most look like they’ve grabbed whatever is clean and comfy out of their wardrobe.

But not these ones. Meet the students who successfully combine comfy with stylish and stay on top of things.

Alice, Psychology, third year


Alice says she likes the 80’s and also draws inspiration from Rihanna. She said: “I like Rihanna’s sexiness but prefer to tone it down a bit to be more sophisticated.”

 Rav, History, first year

Rav, 1st year history student

Rav says she likes both vintage and preppy styles. We can definitely see that in the “aged” necklace, a white collar peeping out of the jumper and a black mini-satchel bag.

Alex, English Literature, MA

Alex, MA in English literature

Alex likes 80’s disco and hippy style but prefers the cut to be more flattering. She says: “I am all about bold prints and colour.”

 Lavinia, Criminology, second year

Lavinia, 2nd year criminology student

Lavinia says she likes all things “back in the day” which we see through the high-wasted shorts, a massive trend this year, and a vintage checkered shirt.

Emma, English Literature, second year

Emma, 2nd year English literature student

Emma likes to combine clashing patterns and black-grey shapelessness – the 2nd year English literature student values comfort and looks cute.

 Alice, English Literature, second year

Alice, 2nd year English literature student

Alice is wearing a dark grey dress with lace elements which she usually couples up with a knitted cardigan.

The second year student mainly wears dresses as it’s most comfortable for her and likes all that is complimenting a woman’s curves.


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