Warwick Pride says Nadhim Zahawi ‘incites’ hatred, ahead of the minister’s visit to campus

Warwick Pride claimed Zahawi ‘plays a significant role in institutional transphobia’


Nadhim Zahawi, who spoke at a Warwick Conservative Association event today, has been criticised by Warwick Pride for “inciting hatred” and “trivialising the detrimental impact of outing LGBTQUIA+ youth to their parents.”

Warwick Pride claimed that the education minister has a history of supporting transphobic people and movements, as well as making transphobic comments himself.

In its statement, Warwick Pride point to Zahawi’s support for Kathleen Stock, describing the controversial University of Sussex professor as a “notorious transphobe”.

According to the group’s statement: “Stock is a signatory to the WDI (Women’s Declaration International formerly known as the WHRC) ‘Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights’, that published the transphobic book Material Girls”.

Regarding Stock’s resignation at the university after a row with trans activists, Zahawi said: “It was unacceptable that a scholar of her calibre should be hounded out of university. For me that was just a terrible stain on the history of that great university.”

Kathleen Stock has always denied claims that she is transphobic.

Warwick Pride claims: “The WDI declaration argues for the legal elimination of transgender people. Zahawi plays a significant role in institutional transphobia as education secretary for the UK.”

Additionally, Zahawi has made controversial remarks about trans students being outed to their parents. Zahawi told the Education Select Committee: “Parents have to be front and centre of this. And that is my message to the front line is to say: you have to involve parents in this. You have a duty to safeguard those children and parents are very much part of that.”

Warwick Pride claims: “Zahawi trivialises the detrimental impact of outing LGBTQUIA+ youth to their parents; he is putting them at risk of abuse and homelessness.”

The group adds: “Zahawi has also made very concerning comments regarding corporal punishment and has made other transphobic remarks such as using the common transphobic dog-whistle ‘adult human female’.”  This phrase that is seen by some groups as  transphobic as it is often used to create a distinction between a biological sex and gender identity. 

Warwick Pride has said that it also intends to protest at this event run by the Warwick Conservative Association. The group will be attending with trans flags and the intention to ask Zahawi questions concerning the rights of trans people in the UK. 

The group concluded its statement by claiming: “Given that transphobia is omnipresent in society, it is imperative for the mental well-being of trans students that the university make itself clear that it is indeed supportive of transgender individuals, and that reactionary harmful transphobic rhetoric will not go unopposed. 

“Trans rights are simply not up for debate, they are non-negotiable.”

Nadhim Zahawi was contacted for comment.

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