This is what every Bridgerton character would be like if they went to Warwick

Colin has year-abroad energy, don’t even deny it

It’s been just over a week since second series of Bridgerton was released- so it’s safe to say the majority of Warwick students have already binged it and transferred their crushes from the Duke to the Viscount. Though real ones were crushing on Anthony in series one #justsaying.

However, it got me thinking. Those rich folk from the ton aren’t too dissimilar from Warwick students, right? I mean they love a good gossip (hello Warwick Fessions), they love a good party (hello POP!) and the older men love hitting on younger women (hello sharking).

So I thought what better thing to do than match up our favourite characters from the show with Warwick student stereotypes? It’s definitely not like I have a 9000-word dissertation due or anything. So please enjoy the fruits of my labour, and if you disagree with my analysis, I’ll snitch on you to Lady Whistledown.


Let’s start off by stating the obvious. The Viscount is 100 percent one of those Econ boys who’s probably on the first team for football or lacrosse. He deffo cares too much about his looks to risk rugby.

He probs wears a brand new white shirt to POP! every Wednesday, and oh my god do women swoon when he spills purple down it- I mean, we all remember *that* water scene. And whilst he may have been a Bluebell/Cryfield Townhouses boy, he deffo loves a good “Rootes ey ey ey” chant.

Though let’s be honest, not even that would give you the ick from the Viscount.


For some reason, Daphne seems like she studies History. She’d much prefer a Dirty Duck pub quiz to a Smack Thursday, and she’d be a Curiositea regular. She’d probably be Welfare Officer for multiple cutesy societies like Baking Soc or Sewing Soc (do those even exist??)


Colin did a year abroad. Fact.

And everyone knows about it, because the boy does not shut up about it. He makes gap-yah kids tolerable with the amount of times he goes on and on about his time in Greece, the food he ate in Greece, the plants he saw in Greece. He definitely should’ve stayed in Greece.

The Duke

If the Viscount gives off Econ boy vibes, the Duke has major WBS vibes. He definitely does some poncy sounding degree and lords around WBS with his boujee WBS merch doing WBS things.

Something tells me he’d also be a fairly diligent student, never handing in a late assignment and averaging a decent 2:1 throughout his three years. Though, unlike his wife, he’d never miss a Smack Tuesday. Or a Smack Thursday. Or any other club night for that matter.


You cannot tell me Eloise wouldn’t be one of those students heavily involved in SU politics. You’d find her campaigning for some issue no one cares about on the piazza, handing out pamphlets and getting into arguments with anyone who tries to duck into Pret to avoid her.

She’d also be a Politics student, taking great delight in dominating seminars with her views and crushing anyone who dares to oppose her.


Benedict would definitely study History of Art, and his Instagram would just be a collection of #artsy pics he’s taken around campus of flowers, geese and the occasional generic sunset.

He’d adamantly deny he’s a Tory to any woman, but come Port and Policy night, he’d be there, glass in hand and dishing out slices of whatever cheese he’d bought from the Waitrose deli on the way over.

Oh and he’d live in a Warwick Uni quarter zip.


Whilst of course Penelope would be running Warwick Fessions and have tea on absolutely everyone, she’d study Classics. But why Classics, you may ask?

Because who on earth knows anyone that studies Classics. Genuinely, now I come to think about it, where do Classics students hide? Do they have a building or a department somewhere? I’ve certainly never heard of one.

This mythical degree would help her blend into obscurity- and she’d no doubt delete every fession submitted about Colin-who-went-on-a-year-abroad. They deserve each other.

Queen Charlotte

The Queen gives me Netball it-girl vibes. She’d be Captain, of course, and probably play Centre, so she could be the centre of attention, always.

She’d live in an all-girls house with some of her teammates in North Leam, and she’d insist on having the room with the en-suite. Their house would be covered in LED lights (rip that deposit) and they’d do weekly brunches at Hart&Co, which they’d plaster all over Insta afterwards.

Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury would definitely be one of those Warwick Students who just doesn’t want to leave. They’d do their undergrad and masters here, then take a role as a Sabb Officer, then another one, and another one, until she’s probably worked her way through all the positions including President twice.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great woman, but why she’s so concerned with the lives of children is beyond me.

Lady Featherington

Okay, hear me out, but wouldn’t Lady Featherington be obsessed with Prêt? Our consumerist queen would love how expensive it is, and whilst she may hate the taste of coffee with every fibre of her being, she would take great delight in ordering Berry Blast smoothies and Matcha ice lattes- just for the colourful aesthetic.

She’d be a committed customer, using every single one of her five drinks on her daily Prêt subscription, and of course, each month she’d use a different family member’s details for a new free subscription. Finessing the system like the shady queen she is.


Kate just seems kinda cool? She’d probably study something smart like Law, and given those arguing skills with the Viscount, she’d be a Mooting pro.

She also seems like she’d have that work-life balance down to a T- she’d never miss a cheeky Kasbah Monday but come Tuesday mornings, you’d find her perfectly poised in her lectures, ice coffee in hand and ready to learn.

Prudence Featherington

Prudence always seems to look like a rainbow threw up on her. Psychology/sociology girl. Enough said.


Edwina was a pretty boring character, I’m not gonna lie. She was just a bit childish and pathetic. So, no offence, but she gives me English lit vibes- she’d get books out of the library to read for pleasure and she’d read them on the bus to Kenilworth, where she’d live with her equally wholesome pals.

Madame Delacroix

We’ve all heard how Madame Delacroix really sounds, her French accent is fooling no one. So try telling me she’s not one of those desperate Brits trying to fit in with the international crowd, faking an accent and reposting photos from her old holidays to Tenerife to try and kid people she’s actually interesting and ✨foreign✨.

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