Warwick has launched a new interdisciplinary Taylor Swift module

Are YOU ready for it?

In a move perhaps beyond the Wildest Dreams of many Swifties, the University of Warwick has announced it will be launching a new interdisciplinary module based on the work of Taylor Swift.

Perhaps strategically, the module will cover 22 weeks of content and will draw upon ideas from various subjects and disciplines, including Law, Economics, History, Creative Writing, Theatre and Linguistics.

The uni commented on the module, describing it as “an opportunity to inspire great creativity and interdisciplinary study”.

Before we go any further, Swifties- You Need to Calm Down. Seriously, stop your squealing.

The face of every Warwick Swifty rn^

An exclusive press release from the uni revealed the 30 CAT module, called “An interdisciplinary study into the work of: Taylor Swift”, will be run by Warwick’s Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL).

It will run from the academic year 2022/23, and all non-first year students are able to study it- sorry incoming freshers, just Shake It Off.

The module is said to consist of recorded video lectures and completely online seminars, so as to enable as many students across the uni as possible to take it.

Taylor- or incoming Freshers reading this?

The press release gave examples of some of the topics offered on the module, listing the first week as “From Tim McGraw to Evermore: an Introduction to Taylor Swift”, which will give a brief overview of Swift’s history in the music industry.

A week entitled “Love Story” will use ideas from psychology and sociology to consider the romantic relationships of Swift, and society’s attitude towards so-called serial dating.

“Style” will explore her impact on consumerism, most notably her role in perpetuating the hipster trends of the 2010s, and “Bad Blood” will delve into the legal issues of song ownership.

She never goes out of Style (we’ll ignore that dodgy platinum blonde phase)

If successful, Taylor’s module will be the first in a series of modules studying individual public figures from a variety of disciplines. The press release said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of this brand new module. We hope it will give students the opportunity to study a well-known public figure using many academic perspectives and disciplines. The module is a collaborative effort, and has seen academics from across the University come together to share their discipline’s perspective.

“Belonging to the prestigious Russell Group means Warwick must stay at the forefront of innovation and research, as exemplified in this new interdisciplinary module. We hope it will be the first of many, and that it will encourage our students to think more broadly about the topics they study, and how they may be studied more broadly within academia.”

The module interestingly comes after the announcement of New York University’s Clive Davis Institute launching a new course also on Taylor Swift, which will cover “Swift’s evolution as a creative music entrepreneur, the legacy of pop and country songwriters, discourses of youth and girlhood, and the politics of race in contemporary popular music”.

Like the sound of this module? Before you go signing up for it, you may want to check the date… you April fool!!!

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