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Science students to finally get a Reading Week

From Term 1 2019, all BSc and BEng students will get Week 6 lecture-free for a personal ‘Research Week’

In a bid to modernise departments, Warwick's science departments have confirmed that all undergraduate students will receive a lecture-free Week 6 from the start of the 2019/20 academic year.

The decision comes amid widespread dissatisfaction from many science students that they do not have a reading week while arts students do, despite a perception that they have less work to do.

In a joint statement from the Department of Physics, the School of Life Sciences, the Warwick Mathematics Institute and the School of Engineering, the departments have announced that this new 'Research Week' will give students the chance to catch-up on any work missed during the first part of the term, whilst also an opportunity to further explore their subjects.

The Science departments feel that their students are in need of the opportunity to enhance their studies and improve their final grades at the end of the term, and the academic year.

Jamie Marcus, a first-year Physics student said that this is a "really exciting announcement that will give us a much-needed week off in the middle of term to take a break and recharge for the rest of term."

Stephen Yin, a second-year Maths and Physics student said that he was just "happy that he could have a break" and that it was "ridiculous that we never had this, even though the arts students, who do much less, get a week's holiday in the middle of term."

Michelle Jenkins, a first-year biology student has never been to POP! before because she has a 9am labs every Thursday. She is ecstatic with this decision, saying that "now I can finally be a true Warwick student and experience a circle and POP! without needing to wake up the next morning. This has made my year!"

We also hope that any eagle-eyed Science students excited by the news won't forget to check today's date before celebrating too prematurely…