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Let’s be real, the Kasbah refurb is utter shit

What has actually changed?

Let me get something off my chest. When I went to Kasbah at the start of the year for the opening night I was expecting big things. We were promised a new Kasbah, a whole new world, and a new fantastic point of view.

Kasbah Refurb 2018

"Just a lick of paint" ?

Posted by Kasbah Nightclub on Friday, September 21, 2018

But honestly, I was disappointed. And, contrary to popular opinion, I am not disappointed quickly. But this actually disappointed me. I mean, apart from a random, out-of-place gold chair, what has actually changed? Let's face it, the Kasbah refurb is utter shit. And here's why.

Nothing has changed!

In the famous words of our Prime Minister, "nothing has changed."

I mean, seriously, where is the difference? The main room is basically exactly the same without the stage at the back, the rock/indie/side room just looks like somebody stuck some glitter to the walls, and the smoking area is exactly the same (thank goodness!)

The entrance hasn't changed, they've just painted the walls in the foyer, and they made the toilets look real shiny. Honestly, if you hadn't been told it was refurbished, would you have noticed? I don't think so.

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Looking around for the "new" Kasbah

What have they done to the rock room?

Now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I preferred going into the side room at Kasbah. The music there was better, the bar queues were shorter, it was a nicer atmosphere and you didn't have people elbowing you in the back the whole time. Unfortunately, that has now changed.

The music was solidly good pop/rock – some absolute bangerz would be pumped out every Monday night. But now, I'm not really sure what genre they're going for in there. It's kind of POP! meets mainstream indie meets Taylor Swift. It's a bit like a Year 11 house party. And I'm just a bit confused.

I mean, what is the point of that room now? It's lost its spark (which is ironic as it now sparkles with all that glitter in there) and to be honest, I'm not really sure what purpose it's meant to serve. It's just got a little bit weird in there really. Very disappointing.

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Why even bother?

All they've done is changed the upstairs…and who goes there anyways?

The one noticeable change at Kasbah this year is the upstairs. And this annoys me for two main reasons.

Firstly, who goes upstairs anyways? I mean, I've really never seen the point of upstairs. There isn't a DJ there (I think?), and I don't really know much about upstairs, because why would I? Its only purpose was just to get you back from the smoking area to one of the main rooms.

And what's more, the changes that they have made are just weird. There are basically just two new sets of seats. The gold hands make me just feel a bit uncomfortable, as if you're sitting on a giant's hand. They look like something you'd find in the entrance to a strip club (not that I've ever been into one of those I hasten to add). And then there are the weird red chairs. They look like somebody's grandma went crazy in Ikea trying to look "hip".

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So there we have it. The new Kasbah refurb is utter shite because, where even is the refurb? I got my hopes up and hardly slept all summer because I was so excited. I queued an hour on the opening night to go in. And all I got was clean toilets and a few hipster chairs upstairs. I mean, really? I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed. Kasbah, I expected better from you.