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Smack give out ‘Smack Lives Matter’ stickers to promote club to freshers

The stickers were part of their promotional merchandise pack

Smack nightclub have been promoting to freshers using stickers emblazoned with the phrase "Smack Lives Matter", The Warwick Tab can exclusively reveal.

The club was handing out promotional packs last week that included posters, leaflets and the stickers in question.

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The sticker is a play on words of the Black Lives Matter movement, an international activism movement that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. The physical appearance of the sticker is also based on the Black Lives Matter logo.

Nas, a second year student, told The Warwick Tab: "I am completely shocked that they have mass produced something clearly insensitive and not well thought out."

Corrine Corrodus, a third year BME student, told The Warwick Tab:

"Smack is known for being as provocative as possible to get laughs, but this is one 'joke' that just leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

"BLM is not something to be trivialised or joked about because it’s a cause fighting against social issues that black students who go to Smack will likely face. How do they expect this to sit with them?"

The Warwick Tab reached out to Smack for comment. They are yet to reply.

Warwick SU Ethnic Minorities Officer, Namir Chowdhury, has also been contacted for comment.

More promotional Smack stickers given out to freshers

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