It’s official, Warwick is the best uni in the West Midlands

But more importantly we ranked 36 places ahead of Coventry

It's that special time of year again. The Fresher's have invaded IKEA, our favourite clubs have re-opened, and the Times and Sunday Times university rankings have been released.

It's what we base our self worth and future prospects upon. And this year Warwick haven't disappointed as we've come in at number ten. Although, we have dropped one place since last year but let's not dwell on that.

Instead, let's focus on the fact Warwick is the best university in the West Midlands, beating Birmingham and Coventry.

On a national scale, Warwick ranked above Leeds and Exeter. With LSE ranking one place above Warwick and Cambridge and Oxford took the top two spots respectively.

Warwick's high ranking place is down to the high quality research it undertakes and fourth highest rates for degree completion. So when you're breaking down in the Learning Grid wondering if you can get through another year of Economics, just remember 96.1 per of students complete their Warwick degrees.

And out of that statistic, 83.2 per cent of us end up gaining a professional job or going into further study within six months.

The Sunday Times revealed that the only graduates more professionally attractive than Warwick grads come from Manchester and Birmingham.

Warwick is however falling short when it comes to student satisfaction, with teaching and is close to slipping out of the top 100 when it comes to satisfaction with teaching quality.

Perhaps next year we'll make it to the top spot!