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Warwick SU have rejected a pro-life stall from Freshers’ Fair

The charity have claimed the discrimination they face is ‘wholly unacceptable’

A pro-life charity have claimed they've been discriminated against on university campuses after being banned from three Freshers' Fairs, one of which is the University of Warwick.

The charity, called "Life", have claimed Warwick are among three Russell Group student unions who have rejected their application to have a stall at Freshers' Fairs.

The Warwick University Students' Union replied to these claims, stating it is up to them to decide who can exhibit on the premises. Therefore, because the SU's members have adopted a pro-choice stance, they would not allow Life to have a stall at Warwick.

The charity, who say, "Whilst Life is a pro-life organisation, its caring services are non-directive and would not infringe their principles of impartiality," have written to the Office for Students for intervention on the matter.

Life’s Director of Education, Anne Scanlan, has argued the discrimination received from Warwick, Liverpool and Manchester universities limits the freedom of expression on campuses and is "wholly unacceptable".

Ms Scanlan continued: "No university or institution on their campus should be allowed to discriminate against pro-life students or pro-lifers in general."

Life's Director of Education has directly confronted Students' Unions as blatantly violating and impeding free speech on university campuses.

By reaching out to the Office of Students, Life hopes that they will be allowed to exhibit at the Freshers' Fairs, and that their presence on campus will not be impeded in the future.

Warwick SU have told The Tab Warwick: "The Students' Union has policy that was voted on by our members to support a pro-choice stance. We are under no obligation to allow external organisations to use our spaces, and thus to do so in this case would be in contravention of our mandate from students."