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Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor Nominee 2017: Rory Stoddart

“Your heart can’t help but melt”

This year we are once again in search of Warwick's most eligible bachelors. After scouring through hundreds of responses, we've found the best of the best.

Our next nominee is fourth year Psychology student, Rory Stoddart. He broke his leg during the first week of term, but that has only added to his sex appeal.

His nominators said, "despite his broken leg, Rory's pulling power is on-point. As he looks so helpless hobbling around on his crutches, your heart can't help but melt."

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Rory was surprised to be nominated, telling The Tab, "it's a laugh but a great compliment at the same time".

Rory describes himself as down-to-earth, friendly and an all round loveable guy.

Rory said that he's into his fitness but not obsessed with it. Adding that he loves to go rock climbing and running Tough Mudders, when he's not broken that is.

His friends who nominated him also told us about his love of travelling, having recently come back from a year abroad in Australia. He has also visited Vietnam, India, Canada, South Africa and has inter-railed around Europe.

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One of his nominators described him "as the type of guy you would want to take home to meet your parents".

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelor will open later this month.