Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Leamington Spa today

He will be at the Town Hall at 2pm

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, is visiting Leamington Spa today.

While the exact purpose of his trip is unconfirmed, it is likely to be a part of his General Election campaign before votes are cast on the 8th June.

Speaking to the Tab, Julia Pearson, chair of the University of Warwick Labour Club, said: “We’re very excited Jeremy Corbyn is visiting Leamington Spa. A large Warwick Labour contingent will be heading there in the afternoon to see him.”

She added: “We hope he will continue to attack the elitist policies of the Tories and their vision of a hard Brexit that has very little public support, especially from students.”

Leamington Spa is currently a Conservative constituency, with Chris White MP holding a 13.1 per cent majority after gaining 47.9 per cent of votes in 2015.