Snow predicted in Leamington and Coventry this weekend

Temperatures are set to plummet

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The MET office has issued a yellow weather warning across much of Britain this week, as snow is expected to cover most of the country.

According to netweather, there is a 42 per cent risk of snow in Coventry on Thursday and a 29 per cent risk on Friday in Leamington Spa.

The risk is more than likely to increase over the weekend, where meteorologists predict snow showers will frequent the west midlands throughout Saturday and Sunday. The snow is likely to be accompanied by rain however, so don’t go planning your snow day just yet.

The BBC weather forecast states that from Thursday, “there is a small chance of snow settling” in the west Midlands, with heavy snow not being predicted.

Snow is forecasted to hit Scotland and Northern England from Wednesday evening, followed by the Midlands and central and southern England later on in the week. Temperatures are set to plummet, with temperatures reaching as low as -10C in the north.

‘Thundersnow’ is also predicted, which is an unusual type of thunderstorm where snow falls instead of rain. Thunder and lightning can occur during this type of winter storm.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna warned: “A cold front moving in from the Atlantic will bring heavy frost and frequent snowstorms.

“It is likely that five to 10 centimetres of snow will come in from the north and fall as far as the south of the country on Friday, and there could be even thicker snow in the hills.”