We asked Warwick students about their craziest Freshers’ stories

There were stories of faeces and fire

First year is a notoriously awkward and difficult time for many people, and when people are awkward they get drunk, and when they get drunk, strange things must happen.

As implacable a force as gravity, the immense incompetence, ignorance and downright stupidity of a drunken student population cannot be stopped. From fire to faeces, Warwick students are a strange bunch without question, and so we went onto the piazza to ask them about their fresher horror stories and craziest Warwick adventures.

James, Second year, Biological Sciences


“Our toilet door was taken ransom.”

Dom, Second year, History and German


“Our friend was found naked, having thrown up and defecated in someone else’s bed.”

Billy, First year, Politics and International Studies


“Passed out an ambulance at 7pm, asked the ambulance about his WBS career. #JeSuisBilly.”

Helen, Second year, Engineering


“Top floor set their kitchen on fire.”

Giovanni, Second year, PPE


“A random girl ended up in my room in the middle of the night.”

Ralph, Second year, Engineering


“Some guys stole a fridge and put it in the bath.”

Edward, PhD in Physics


“Took doors off hinges in Rootes.”

Dan, Second year, International Business


“Sherbourne house party – too drunk to realise the warden was shutting it down and the security confiscated all IDs.”