It’s getting hot in here: Smartphone heating to be developed on Warwick campus

Power to the students. Heating power, that is…

Students will be able to control the heating at uni by using their smartphones.

The University of Warwick has won £495,000 to develop phone and tablet computers to create personalised heating for the Social Sciences Building.

The system is being developed by midlands company JSJS Designs Ltd, WMG and the Estates Office at the uni.


It will give control to both occupants of the building and its management team, who will individually be able to use their smart phones and tablet computers to control heating on a room-by-room basis.

The products used to develop this will consist of wireless thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), window sensors, occupancy sensors and tablet and smartphone interfaces. A combination of these will allow occupants to control their heating while in their room, and the building management staff to control heating use when rooms are unoccupied.

John Shermer, Managing Director of JSJS Designs Ltd said:

“This is an ideal showcase for the automation systems we have developed in a non-domestic environment. It will highlight the potential of retrofitting smart technologies into existing buildings to increase efficiencies and improve the user experience of such technology.”

Joel Cardinal, Energy Manager at the University of Warwick further commented:

“We are keen to engage new initiatives that can help the University and the country to reduce its carbon footprint and are delighted to have the opportunity to develop and validate an exciting new technology in one of our largest buildings.”