Spotted: Pop’s Best Dressed

The Tab brings you their coverage of Weeks 3 and 4 at Pop!

The last two weeks of ‘Pop!’ have seen some of the best costumes of the year so far. With many clubs’ initiations taking place, we’ve seen some pretty larger than life fancy dress with lots of the inebriated freshers turning up to Pop with alcohol, syrup and other interesting stains on their, to some extent, extreme costumes.

Women’s Netball came to week 3 Pop as the 90s troll-dolls. Their crazy look was achieved by tying their hair around a plastic bottle and then sprayed to their desired colour. Let’s hope their night at ‘Pop!’ was as large as their hair!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.04.57

As usual, Warwick Lacrosse flaunted some rocking, Flinstone-esque costumes at ‘Pop!’ for their cavemen themed circle. Many of the Lax members had a wild night as the purple released all inhibitions and they went back to man’s prehistoric ways, hunting for the best meat they could find in ‘Pop!’…some hoping to even find a bone and rock and roll…

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.06.39

Women’s hockey looked fly in their costumes for their NAAFl initiations. Emma Watts and Livy Law were styled as girls from the navy, whilst others dressed as the RAF, firefighters etc… Whilst these old girls managed to stay glam for the night, the hockey fresh were served up a whole bunch of crazy initiation activities, so probably didn’t look so great by the end of the night…

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.08.20

Warwick Snow’s ‘Anything But Clothes’ theme for week 3 saw some interesting and slightly questionable costumes as they attempted to cover themselves up with plastic bags, cardboard , tape etc…  Conor Devine’s explicit apron particularly stood out and I’m sure he was met with an ‘avalanche’ of interest from the ladies due to his costume…

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.10.13

Warwick netball again showed us their amazing fancy dresses tekkers in week 4 for their elephant and show girl themed initiations. The old girls looked beaut in their feathered, sparkly show costumes in contrast to the fat, wrinkly elephants they looked after for the night! Ella Chaplin and Charlie Slade in the centre of this photo were fresh elephants who perhaps weren’t feeling so fresh by the end of the night. They looked great in their full grey body paint, fat tummies, big ears, trunks and swimming caps. Whilst elephants consume up to 250 litres a day, let’s hope the girls didn’t set this as their target!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.14.17

This week’s Pop! is of course Halloween, so make sure you stay tuned for some ghoulish fashion coverage, and of course if you’re there, in an exceptional costume, keep an eye out for The Tab and you might end up on our Best Dressed list: Halloween Special!