Fowl play: The movie

Student who took the pictures of psycho geese is star of vid about the mental birds

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The Warwick student who snapped geese attacking innocent passers-by is now the star of a documentary on the hell-raising birds.

Zhi Chow papped a pair of Canada geese charging at students outside Lakeside halls earlier this term.


Zhi caught this bird in the act


The goose was, apparently, just protecting her eggs

His photos went round the world, but now the camera has been turned on Zhi.

Nonchalantly feeding bread to the would-be killer geese, Zhi reminds us of a new-age David Attenborough.

Zhi is the star of this show

Zhi is the star of this show

In a piece to camera, Zhi explains how he came to take the photos: “I was procrastinating so I just looked out the window and took pictures of whoever got attacked.

“The geese eventually chilled out though.”

Only experts are allowed this close to the birds

Only experts are allowed this close to the birds

Did Zhi enjoy his pictures going viral? Ever the entertainer, he says: “People were saying ‘Wow, that’s amazing, that’s pretty hilarious.’

“Well, to be fair, it is pretty hilarious.” Quite.

Did Zhi ever get attacked by the geese?

“Nah, I know better. I was a good 20 to 30 metres away.”

He’s a canny lad, our Zhi.