Uni of Sheffield and Hallam students join forces to rally for the rent strike

They went from Western Park to the occupied Arts Tower and Cantor building

University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam students protested today in support of the city’s student rent strikers and building occupiers.

It comes as University of Sheffield students still occupy the Arts Tower and Sheffield Hallam students remain in the Cantor building, despite heavy-handed security.

Starting from Weston Park, they gathered in front of the Arts Tower where they held speeches. One student, who is occupying the Cantor building, told The Tab: “We’ve come together to protest against the lies, exploitation and contempt management have had for us and demand they do better.

“The protest is also in solidarity with students occupying university buildings to fight management into giving fair rent refunds.”

The demonstrators marched around the Arts Tower before heading to West Street. As they marched into town, they held placards reading “Paying for nowt” and “Solidarity forever”.

Bob Geoffery, a member of the trades council, said: “Landlords are encouraging students back only to be locked down in their accommodation. They are putting profit before education. This is why the student rent strike is so crucial. You are shining a light on the perverse logic of private landlords.”

Demonstrators also chanted: “Whose fees? Our fees!” and “Students united will never be defeated”.

A rent striker said: “The university knew damn well it wouldn’t be possible to bring back students safely. We came back so the university executives could collect our tuition fees, so the private landlords could collect our rent and profit at our expense, no matter what the health consequences were.”

The protest ended at the Cantor building.

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