University of Sheffield to stop charging accommodation rent until late February

Maybe living at home won’t be so bad…

The University of Sheffield is not going to charge students accommodation rent until late February, an email sent out earlier this afternoon confirmed.

All students in university-owned or managed accommodation will be exempt if they are unable to make use of their Sheffield accommodation during lockdown three.

In these circumstances, rent will be withheld from January 4 until February 22. Students who have returned or who will be using their university accommodation during this period will be charged rent as normal.

The uni also showed support for students paying for accommodation from private landlords. They said: “The University cannot control the decisions of private landlords, but we will work with our Students’ Union to support their lobbying on this issue and we would urge landlords to be as flexible as possible.”

More information about how these rent reductions will work is to be sent out in a follow-up email. For now, students can find guidance on the Uni of Student Advice Centre or Student Support Services.

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