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Guys, Players are also raising the price of five pound rounds

It’s not just Tiger Works

After we ran a piece just yesterday on Tiger Works raising the price of their Awesome Foursome (commonly known as the five pound round), we've uncovered that they are not the only bar that is bumping up the price of the very popular drinks deal.

Players, on West Street, is also having to raise prices on the multi-drink deal to combat rising costs set by suppliers due to duty tax being increased by the government. Like Tiger Works, Players is very popular for students out on midweek socials.

The deal that usually consists of a bottle of VK, a vodka mixer, a shot and a Jagerbomb used to cost £5, but bars are now agreeing to raise it to keep up with increased suppliers' costs. It's fair to say that many students have been shocked, with some calling it an "emergency" and a "travesty".

Fred Maier, the general manager at Players, told us that they want students to get the best deals possible, but the price rise was unavoidable under the current circumstances.

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Players is one of the affected venues

All is not lost though, as students can claim a £6 round, seven days a week with a Players key fob, which they can pick up from the West Street bar with a valid student ID.

However, Maida Vale have said that they will not be changing the price of their five pound round, saying that it "is the home of the original £5 round' and "have no plans to change it" and will still offer five drinks for the same price, consisting of a VS, a vodka mixer, a J Bomb and two Sourz.

So, those extra few coins that you have lying around on your shelf will definitely come in handy on those midweek sessions.