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Nobody panic, but Tiger Works have cancelled the ‘Five Pound Round’

I’m not angry, just disappointed

Bierkeller, West Street Live and Tiger Works. It's the staple cheap, yet messy, night out that Sheffield has to offer, with VKs, Jaegerbombs and vodka mixers galore. But this is all about to change.

Tiger Works have recently overseen price increases, which will no doubt come as a shock to students heading back expecting to enjoy a five pound round.

The Awesome Foursome at the West Street bar has been bumped up by a whole pound, to £6, and the famous treble mixers will also see a price increase to £2.95.

We spoke to Matt, the general manager at Tiger Works, who said that, due to the increase of price listings from suppliers, the bar has been forced to bump up its prices to keep up with inflation, which is hard to avoid as an independent business. He adds that other venues in Sheffield will also be increasing prices.

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Sports teams will be able to claim privileges following the price alterations

He said that Tiger Works wants to keep consistent prices so increases have been put in place sooner rather than later.

However, it's not all bad news. The Awesome Foursome is now available on Fridays until midnight and Saturdays until 11, meaning that pre-drinks in your front room with a bag of cans is not the only option. Also, the trebles still works out as less than £1 per single measure, so you can't really complain.

There are also going to be privileges for sports teams with cards being issued, which will keep the prices of the trebles and the five pound round at the old prices, so Wednesdays before Roar and HallamNation can still be as messy as they used to be.

So, although you may be paying an extra quid for that round, I'm sure your bank account can handle it…just.

Cover photo: Tiger Works' Facebook page