We asked Sheffield tattoo artists about the latest student trends

Dreamcatchers are big at the moment

For many, uni life is about expressing your individuality and pursuing a life of freedom from your parents. What better way to do both than getting a tattoo? We talked to Sheffield tattoo artists about tattoo habits among students.

“It’s very broad and ever changing” said David at Follow Your Dreams Tattoo on Devonshire Street. “Tattoos try to emphasise individuality and it’s a very personal thing so the trends are always changing.”

“Dream catchers have been very popular recently. We also do a lot of custom designs so that’s a big thing with students.”

Tacho Franch from Follow Your Dreams Tattoo added, “If a celebrity gets a tattoo then people will come and get that. Students often get tattoos related to models and fashion, but sometimes they get small tattoos with a meaning to them, such as initials. Other students like to be heavily tattooed with classic iconography like anchors and roses. We have had some students who want something very alternative, like face tattoos.”

We asked if they ever get students requesting tattoos whilst drunk. “People in the UK rarely do that” David said, “I think it’s a cultural thing. It’s not what we do.”

“Students quite often want little symbols, like the infinity symbol” said Kelly from Five Magics, who specialise in traditional tattoos. “Recently lots of students have wanted circles on their ankles or fingers.”

“You can’t really stereotype a whole group because tattoos are so individual” said Richard, also from Five Magics. “But little symbols mostly. A lot of students have been getting semi-colon tattoos lately. Students often want whatever tattoo Rihanna’s just got. We sometimes get people requesting matching tattoos; mostly groups of girls. We sometimes get lads coming in and mucking about and asking for matching tattoos on their bums and stuff like that, but we tend not to do stupid things. Occasionally drunks come in, but we always turn them away.”