WSL ‘comedian’ calls people from Manchester rapists

He also called working class people scum

West Street Live’s Wheel Of Fortune presenter has been caught on camera accusing Mancunians of raping people as a pastime, and referring to working class people as “scum.”

In the footage recorded on Tuesday night, presenter Mat Hume is heard saying to George, from Manchester, “apart from stealing hub caps, shagging people without their permission and other known crimes, what’s your past times pal?”.

Visibly embarrassed by the suggestion he rapes people as a past time, George ponders the question and says he “loves spinning wheels.”

In a separate video, taken on the same night, Vee from York takes to the stage.

When she says her name is short for Verity, Hume tells the audience: “I tend to find that when people shorten their names it’s because they’re working class scum, or proper middle class.”

Seconds later Hume starts kicking his legs around and says: “See how high I can get my legs for a fat man, look at that, it’s all them years in the Nazi youth”.

One onlooker, who left as a result of the lurid comments, said: “I’ve literally seen more laughs at a funeral.

“He was clearly going for a Peter Kay-cum-Frankie Boyle vibe and the result was not only sickeningly offensive, but just really fucking tragic to watch.

“Rape jokes are not a thing in 2015, nor will they ever be.”

When quizzed on the night about the nature of his comedy Hume said: “I actually don’t give a shit, I don’t care if I’m nasty.”

In a joint statement yesterday, Mat Hume, Fourth City and West Street Live said: “MAN MAKES JOKES AT COMEDY EVENT (sic).”