BNOC of the year: Group three

It’s on

Votes have been flooding in and today is the penultimate round of the battle for BNOC of the year.

Today’s winner will go on to challenge the heat winners from the last two days and tomorrow in Monday’s grand finale.

Jed Dixon

Infamous in uni’s edgier circles, third year Jed has well and truly earned a place in the battle for BNOC of the year.

Not only does he run house junkie favourite, Lunar, but also hosted last year’s infamous Broomhill house party which saw Bondax turn up as guests. If that doesn’t scream BNOC, we don’t know what does.

 Charlotte Bristowe

President of the Economics society and all round female boss, our next candidate needs little introduction.

If you haven’t seen her in uni, you probably saw her on Question Time a few weeks back.

Described by many as “the sassiest girl on campus”, finalist Charlotte has earned her BNOC fame through her reputation as being somewhat of a footy legend, party animal, and general queen bee.

Bee Lokkit

Following his glorious campaign video in the run up to the SU President elections, Lokkit quickly became cemented as a certified campus style icon, could he also be the biggest name?

If his Ugg boots, regal white blazer and camel chinos didn’t get you talking, his policies will have done. Promising more reliable bus services and more celebrities on campus, Lokkitt was a favourite to win from the start.

Kitty Singh

An officer for the Indian Society and Vice President of the Bollywood Society, Kitty’s friends described her as the “cultural blend of perfection we all aspire to be” and “the self proclaimed Indian Princess of Sheffield”

Dancing her way up the BNOC ladder, first year Kitty is a regular on Carver Street and already a veteran of Plug Thursday’s.