Hallam election candidate releases awkward ’50 Shades’ parody video

So topical

Sports officer candidate, Chris Clayson, has released a bizarre, yet highly amusing, election video parodying the raunchy chick flick, 50 Shades of Grey.

Complete with mediocre acting, awkward pauses and pointless campus shots, it’s still a valiant effort and set to be a sure-fire success with the Hallam electorate.

The scene is set with a classic lift scene, where our fictitious heroine prepares herself to meet the dashing young “Mr Clay”, seamlessly imitating the film itself.

Just like the real thing

As the lift ascends, viewers are greeted with ambient shots of lift buttons and dingy meeting rooms, with subtly placed items of sports gear also skilfully placed in the background.

It is not complete with a humorous play on the ever-so-famous line: “Mr Clay will see you now.”

So subtle

The indisputable highlight then comes when Mr Clay is eloquently described as “polite, organised…..and really sporty.”

The scene then fades into a notably boring interview, where Mr Clay effortlessly tries to maintain that “Christian-Grey”-esque smoulder, before fading back into a muffled rendition of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love”.

Mr Clay himself

Viewers are then rater unsubtly reminded to vote for Chris for Sports Officer before being treated to a few more stifled bars of Beyonce.

You can enjoy the video below:

Fingers crossed for a sequel if he wins.