I cried on Magaluf Weekender and now I’m a BNOC

And I don’t regret a thing

March marks the joyous two year anniversary since History and Politics third year, Johnathan Lupton, appeared on ITV 2’s Magaluf Weekender, an experience which propelled him to notorious BNOC fame.

During his appearance, Jon gained quite the reputation after being reduced to tears twice at the heady prospect of coming to uni.

His performance earned him an impressive fifteen minutes of Twitter fame, but his Magaluf legacy still looms on John to this day.

John reflecting on happier times

His decision to appear on the ITV gem came after his friends were approached to join the show in Essex’s finest haunt, Faces.

Deeply contemplating his decision, Jon admits: “it was essentially a free holiday. Five days and all expenses paid for. Who could say no to that?.”

Misty-eyed and filled with the prospect of some carefully staged banter and watered-down Jägerbombs on tap, Jon and his pals were positively psyched for what he would later describe as an “alright” Magaluf experience.

A personal highlight from the show

“I think I enjoyed the whole experience…it was knackering but I’d probably do it again.”

His opening quip came when he exclaimed that one of his main talents was being “really good at writing essays.”

However, Jon’s starring moment came on the final night out of their epic tirade, where he broke down in tears at the galvanising prospect of getting into uni.

“It was the bit everyone remembers,” he confesses.

“But to be fair, I was a bit hungover and feeling emotional.

“I got so much shit for it, but it’s just a laugh isn’t it.”

His starring moment

Further cementing his new found persona as what Jon describes as “a little bit of a wet blanket”, he then broke down in tears for a second time when finding out his results.

“The Twitter feed was hilarious,” he recalls.

“You have to just take it on the chin. My personal favorite was when someone said I look like the shrimp from Shark Tale.”

Despite living in the shadow of his Magaluf experience, John has learned over the years to embrace his new-found stardom, allowing him to blossom into the fully-fledged BNOC status he has gained today.

“As soon as it came out, so many people would come up to me on nights out being like ‘you’re that guy from Magaluf Weekender’- a load of people recognised me from it.”

But, years on, Jon’s past still torments him from time to time. “There are still these random times where people recognise me, he says.

“A guy came up to me in the Crosspool Tavern just the other day.”

Feeling pensive

Putting the whole fiasco in a nutshell, he reveals: “it’s all died down a bit now as the third and second years have left….it’s no longer a dark shadow following me but still kind of a legacy I have to live with.”

Unfortunately, he has no plans to join the Big Brother house as yet.