Don’t worry about your degree, we’re all going to be rich anyway

Sheffield triumphs in uni rich list

Not only do employers want Sheffield grads, but they’ll pay top dollar for them too.

Sheffield grads have been revealed as the the 7th best paid in the country, according latest uni “rich list”.

The average salary for Sheffield graduates five years after finishing their degrees is £49,000, placing it within the top 10 universities for graduate earnings.

Unsurprisingly, Sheffield missed out on the top spot thanks to the usual suspects of LSE, Oxford and Cambridge.

Not so mediocre after all 

The highest earners were from London Business School, with grads earning an average of £69k a year just five years after graduating.

Sheffield, however, is still punching above its weight in the salary stakes, trumping the likes of Bristol, Durham and Bath in the results.

This also comes as the news is announced that Sheffield is among the top 25 universities targeted by the largest number of top employers, coming at 16th on the list and beating the likes of Exeter and King’s College.

Beat that, Hallam.