Another unimpressive result for Sheffield in Which? student survey

It’s official, we’re all just average

The ranker wankers are back again – and Sheffield’s results are as underwhelming as a night out at Ey Up.

The Which? survey rates universities across the country on a variety of aspects including nightlife, diversity of culture, sports and political scenes.

Despite having 47 sports teams, we didn’t even make the cut for the top sporty universities, losing out to the likes of notoriously sporty Loughborough and Bath.

Not even the naked calendars could have helped our cause there.

It's all mediocre

It’s all mediocre

Other categories such as top creative and political universities also left bleak prospects for Sheffield, which is surprising considering that there seem to be student protests pretty much every other week.

Apparently our nightlife isn’t also diverse enough to make the ‘diversity of local nightlife’ category. Unsurprisingly, Sheffield was pipped to the post by our much edgier neighbours of Leeds and Manchester.

But if West Street Live, Pop Tarts and Tuesday Club aren’t diverse enough – what is?

True diversity

True diversity

We did manage to come second in the ‘Varied student union activities’ category, placing us alongside the likes of Keele and Harper Adams University (we didn’t know that it existed either).

Not exactly one to write home about.

But it’s not all bad news; we scored a surprising 95% student satisfaction. Definitely something to distract from the diabolically average overall rankings.