RoHo Women’s Football Team Crowned “The Best Club of The Year”

They were up against UCL and Nottingham…

The BUCS Awards Dinner, held each year “to recognize the achievements and successes of university athletes and teams," had a record number of nominations this year with 246 nominations to be precise!

Throughout the year, our very own women’s football team have worked hard at not only maintaining winning sportsmanship, but also at raising money for charities and holding workshops for students and the community, so it’s no surprise that this year they were nominated for the prestigious title of “Best Club Of The Year”!

One of their many charity events

One of their many charity events

In the awards ceremony, held Thursday, our team were put up against University of Nottingham’s trampolining team and UCL’s running, athletics and cross-country club. Of course, our team (well-deservingly) won the title, perhaps shifting our 35th position in the Uni League Table up a notch!

BUCS Awards Dinner 2017

BUCS Awards Dinner 2017

We spoke to Sophie Shapter, who usually plays right-mid. Here’s what she had to say about the award:

“I’m a big runner on the pitch and I’m not afraid to give and take a few elbows and shoves here and there. The award is so epic. I honestly didn’t think we had a chance when we were nominated. It’s just amazing to be given that recognition for all the time, effort and energy that we put into it this year. The committee at RH were so passionate and motivated to achieve our goal of Club Of The Year and without them backing me and my aims we never would have achieved any of it. We never thought in a million years our club would be up there on a national stage!”

Loved the part about the elbows, Sophie!

We also spoke to RH Sports Officer Steff Milne, who represents all of our sports clubs and helps them to achieve what they want to for the year. She said:

“It is a huge honour for a club from Royal Holloway to be recognized on a national level and Women’s Football have worked incredibly hard this year to achieve all their goals and benefit the wider student population on campus through campaigns, charity fundraising, volunteering and more!”

Well done girls! Keep it up!