A third year has made a book rating the loos on campus

She gave it as a Christmas present


In endeavouring to find the best loo on campus, there are a lot of factors to consider: privacy, cleanliness and accessibility among them. Luckily for me, I was recently given a belated Christmas present by a fellow third year student, a handbook of the 26 best and worst places to take a dump on campus. That’s right, 26.

Painstakingly researched and recorded via the medium of Snapchat over several months by Management student Thea, the handbook reads like a toilet treasure map, with each toilet given a rating out of 10 and a short comment.

Like a kind of crap connoisseur, Thea offers some controversial, but practical, opinions on the matter. According to her the absolute worst place to crap is, unsurprisingly, Kingswood, but ranking higher up the list are the Windsor and Bourne buildings.

Thea’s least favourite toilets were, understandably, in Kingswood and the SU, saying she “would rather shit myself”. We feel you, hun, those toilets aren’t pretty.

No one’s surprised about this rating

Thea also reviewed the loos on offer in the academic buildings on campus, although they were considerably below par according to her rating system:

Where even is the McCrea building?

One for the daredevils on campus

Who DOESN’T want to watch themselves crapping?

She even included a photo on the best place to go when drunk:

The Great Crapsby

In Thea’s opinion, the best loos at RHUL are those near the Picture Gallery – surprise surprise, RoHo can’t offer sub-par loos at alumni events.

A truly hidden gem in terms of campus toilets

As for the completed text? Thea says you’ll have to pay for a full copy, priced at £1.50 to cover the printing costs.

In the meantime the only existing copy belongs to me. And who knows what I’ll do with it after my impending graduation? Perhaps I’ll hide it in a library book, waiting to be discovered by future generations of Ro-Hoes intent on finding the truly best and worst places to poop on campus.