Which Christmas song is your degree?

We all want to be the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, but you probably won’t make the cut

Have you ever wondered what your degree really says about you at Christmas time? We can predict how you were spending your childhood around this festive season and what Christmas song makes your toes tap

Accounting/Finance/Maths (they’re all the same): The Twelve Days of Christmas



You’re forever counting. You loved the song as a child and always wished that there were more than 12 days of Christmas so that you could show off your addition, multiplication and dividing skills because let’s be honest, they make the song more fun.

Agriculture: O Christmas Tree – Aretha Franklin


Your favourite thing to do at Christmas time is to go out and buy the biggest and best Christmas tree. And you love telling everyone that the use of evergreen trees to celebrate the winter season occurred before the birth of Christ and that the first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.

Architecture: Fairytale Of New York – The Pogues


It is your dream to design buildings that will be as famous as the Empire State building, and to be a top architect in New York. Though of course, we hope you won’t be living in too much of a fairy tale and end up faking the life of an architect like Lee Evans’ character in There’s Something About Mary…

Drama and Theatre Studies: Run Run Rudolph – Chuck Berry


When it’s coming up to the end of term, you have no time for Christmas shopping because you’re all rushing around frantically to rehearse for your end of term performances. But when term finally ends, you do have time to do your Christmas shopping; of course in true theatrical, Drama student-style, you’ll be rushing around the shopping centre, reenacting the scene at the airport in Home Alone 2, and even playing Run Run Rudolph on your phone to give it more authenticity.

Engineering: Sleigh Ride – The Ronettes


As a child, you were fascinated by the concept of Father Christmas flying through the sky on a sleigh, driven by reindeer to deliver presents all in one night. You used to lie there in bed on Christmas eve, anticipating his sleigh bells, and puzzling over the mechanics of his sleigh and the magical powers of the reindeer. When the film Elf came out, you were finally relieved to know that there was more to it than reindeer driving his sleigh, and that there was some kind of engineering behind it…

English: Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard


You’re the traditionalist and romanticist at university. You were most likely influenced by your mother’s love of literature and art to pursue your chosen degree, and her love of Cliff Richard just about rubbed off on you as well… Your favourite things at Christmas are fine wine, mince pies, mistletoe (providing there’s someone under it) and snuggling up by the fireplace watching A Christmas Carol. Not only are you taking pleasure in the film, but you’re giving yourself brownie points for doing some subconscious “work” on your Dickens dissertation…

Geography: 2000 MilesThe Pretenders


If you’re away from a partner, family or friends at Christmas time, then you’re working out exactly how many miles away they are and how long it would take you to get to them. FYI, there is an app called Find My Friends which would assist you in the process, although we know you enjoy using your micrometre…

History: Last ChristmasWham!


You’re always dwelling on the past… Not only in your seminars and lectures, but in your actual life. You find it hard to let go of what happened last Christmas, and are constantly replaying it in your head to figure out what went wrong with your previous lover. Luckily it might be a bit easier to do than gathering the historical information that surrounds the birth of Christ…

International Relations: Do they know it’s Christmas?Band Aid


Whether you’re in it to make money in the future or because you have a genuine concern for the welfare of others in the world, this is the song for you. This was a song set out to make a difference, and continues to do so each year through the many remakes of it.

Management: Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms


As management students, you are never seen not looking “on fleek”, and so when it comes to Christmas, this is your time to shine. You’re straight out to Ann Summers to get yourself a Christmas outfit to upload onto instagram…to build your network (of course).

Modern Languages: Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano


It’s the time of year you get to show off your multilingual skills by singing along to the famous Spanish Christmas song that everyone else thinks they know the chorus to. On your year abroad, you’re anticipating the moment you can join in with your fellow students to show off the only bit of Spanish you’ve perfected during your course…

Music: Hark the Herald Angels Sing- David Willcocks


Let’s be honest, you turn your nose up to Christmas pop songs. When it comes to music at Christmas, it’s all about the carols. But of course they’ve got to be David Willcocks’ versions, and nothing beats the descant in Hark the Herald Angels Sing: it sends shivers down your spine.

Sciences: You’re a Mean One,  Mr Grinch – Albert Hague


Okay we get it! You don’t believe in Father Christmas because there is no logical explanation as to how a man can deliver presents to every child in the world, in a sleigh driven by reindeer all in one night. But you don’t need to spoil the magic for everyone else…