Founders food thief on the loose

Has the canteen cut down on portion size?

Part of university living is having to deal with a little less milk than you would like, and the inevitability of your Doritos being pinched every so often. But the girls in Founders East fourth floor are suffering more than most.

Since the beginning of the year, food has been going missing. Not just a biscuit here and there, but whole blocks of cheese and a whole week’s worth of shopping, meaning multiple shops a week. A girls birthday cake was even eaten.



Residents decided to take action, buying lock boxes for their fridges. But alas, even this was no match for the food thief. The girls can’t trust that any of their food will actually be there when they wake up.



Understandably, people are getting fed up. They have got in touch with residential support who said, ‘It is extremely disappointing that this has happened at a university filled with people who we would hope are both mature and considerate’

One resident, Lauren, told The Tab, ‘Coming to university I was told of horror stories of food thieves that come in the dead of night and steal your milk never to be seen again. However, it has sadly gotten to the point where no one is safe.

A few residents have purchased fridge safes but the bitches seemed to have been reading up on their James Bond and the majority of safes and locks have been busted into.’

At least the thief seems to have a conscience, often they leave apology notes the morning after.

It's too late to apologise

Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

So is this the case of some serious midnight munchies, or is there something more to this? Let’s hope for sake of the Founders East girls whoever this is stops soon so they don’t each have to invest in a mini fridge!