Oxford students are going to vote Tory in the General Election

According to our most recent poll

More Oxford students are going to vote for the Conservative Party in the upcoming General Election than Labour, according to a recent survey by The Tab.  While the Tories only narrowly beat Labour with 64 votes compared to their 62, this is a surprising shift after years of Oxford students reportedly voting primarily Labour or Liberal Democrat.

The Lib Dems came in third place with 51 votes, and the Green party came a low fourth with just three votes.

The justifications the student Tory voters gave were telling: only 16 selected Theresa May’s party because of their policies – perhaps some were swayed by her recent promise to repeal the fox hunting ban – while 21 gave the reason “there isn’t a better option”.  Contrastingly, those who did say they would vote for labour were voting largely based on policy, with 31 selecting that as their reason – perhaps motivated in part by the plans revealed in Jeremy Corbyn’s leaked manifesto to scrap tuition fees.  Only two people said they would vote Labour because of the leader.

Recent national polls by the BBC are more markedly positive for the Tories, with over 45% of people currently saying they will vote Conservative, while only around 30% are planning on voting Labour.