Oxford’s edgiest undergrad: Heat two

Edgier than a dodecahedron

Will Andrews, History & German, Somerville

A fresher with the *~waviest~* of credentials. Owing to an improbably large collection of Paisley shirts and a near-psychotic compulsion to ape the characteristics of Wadham students, this once-bearded fresher deserves to be in the running for the Tab’s exalted power-list. He’s also a linguist, fan of mesh, activist, communist and has his gap yah travelz down. So yeah.

will andrews

Charlie MacVicar, St. Hilda’s

General Drama BNOC and wishes he went to Leeds because Oxford just doesn’t have enough edges.

charlie macvicar

Lulu Williams, Fine Art, Catz

Pink hair and an edgy af Insta account (@luwilliamsdotcom). What a way to start. She also runs the club night Supermarket.


Voting will open next week. If you’d like to nominate someone to be Oxford’s edgiest undergrad send them to [email protected] or The Tab Oxford Facebook page.