There are over 150 Etonians at Oxford

They are the most represented school

Out of the 9,590 undergraduates who have matriculated at Oxford between 2013 and 2015 there are currently 154 former Eton pupils.

This figure is closely followed by 151 of undergrads who went to Westminster School, London.

Figures given to The Tab show that in total 3,615 Oxonians have been privately educated.

Despite the number of state school entrants topping this figure at 4322, Eton still provides the most over any other school.


Other highly-represented independent schools include King’s College School, St Pauls Girls School, Winchester College, St Paul’s School London, City of London School, and Harrow School.

Second-year Geographer Grace Kneafsey said: “Of course I’m not surprised. Have you been to Bridge VIP?

“Other schools just don’t have the resources, let alone the Oxbridge graduate teachers, to have their students ready for interviews.”

Henna Shah, Access and Admissions Officer at OUSU, said: “It shouldn’t be the case that students from wealthy backgrounds are disproportionately represented at Oxford, and it’s clear from this that the University itself should be doing more to support young people earlier on in their school careers to ensure they are in the best position to apply.

“If you’re a student and want to encourage applications from your school or get involved with access work generally, there are a huge number of ways you can do this, both through your college and through OUSU.”