Andy Jordan: ‘I’m not a lad’

No shit

Andy interview Jordan made in chelsea national

He’s the curly haired one who plays guitar and got dumped by Louise.

So it comes as no surprise that as we walk into Camera, Andy Jordan is sat in one of those cream leather booths drinking a single vodka cranberry.

Enjoying that cranberry



“Would you call yourself a lad, Andy?”, I ask, kicking off a conversation with the Made in Chelsea star.

Lo and behold, he says no.

He’s coming across modest, funny and slightly sheepish – is there a bit more to him than he lets on?

The professional socialite has a lot going on at the moment: the eighth series of Made in Chelsea has just started, and he’s working on a new EP.

So jokes

So jokes



But when we sat down and spoke to him, we discovered a tender heart underneath the TV veneer.

And as we get talking it becomes clear there’s a rebellious streak in Andy.

He went to boarding school in Oxford, and when quizzed it turns out that he spent a lot of his teenage years escaping from his boarding house.

“One night I bumped into a member of staff – I had to duck and roll and army crawl out of the nightclub to dodge expulsion”.

And the party-fuelled lifestyle has spilled out into his adulthood.

His calendar is inundated with big events – Andy excitedly talks about a “huge Sony party in an underground hotel full of fun people: there’s a big pool and PlayStations everywhere”.

Evidently the character we see on Made in Chelsea isn’t a total facade.

But there’s something to Andy other than the territorial figure we sometimes see on TV.


Quite the socialite

Quite the socialite

When the cameras are off, a quite shy and modest guy appears. We ask how he deals with fanatical girls chasing after him, and it turns out that he doesn’t think of himself too highly.

“I’m not very attractive – I’ve always been known as the chubby kid with curly hair”.

Not quite what you’d expect a guy that so many women long after to say.

Andy’s about to head off to Australia to work on his new album – he’s incredibly passionate about it and is hoping the trip will give him a burst of inspiration.

If it’s a success, there’s no doubt that his party filled life will continue, and he’ll keep on drinking that vodka and cranberry.